Celebrity Quizzes

Vince Vaughn

Working since the late 80s, Vince has paid his dues and developed into actor, writer and producer

Vin Diesel

Inspiration from a book was the catalyst for the meteoric rise of Vin

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo the polyglot had a book of poetry printed before he was famous, titled 'Ten Last Night'

Val Kilmer

Val suffers for his art, and makes other actors and filmmakers suffer with him

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman, the beauty, the actress, the once socially inept and gangly awkward kid in school

Burt Reynolds

Burt has been at the top and the bottom, but never gave up

Tommy Lee Jones

TLJ roomed with a future presidential hopeful and played on the most famous Harvard-Yale football game of all time

Tom Sizemore

Tom received a masters degree in theatre from Temple University, which sounds a far cry from the tough guy he often plays

Tom Hardy

Tom started out in big productions, but had a few misses on the way to the masterpiece, Inception (2010)

Tom Hanks

Tom's early career took the more comedic/romantic route, but Philadelphia (1993) marked a turning point into substantial roles and Oscar wins

Tom Cruise

This guy has been doing 'it' since the early 1980s, and no-one is picking him to stop soon

Tom Berenger

Typecast as a good guy in his early career, Oliver Stone cast him in an opposing role to great effect

Tina Fey

Tina was once voted in the top 50 beautiful people in the world, and she is also intelligent, funny and talented - the whole package

Tim Robbins

One of Tim's quote is 'I'm six foot four and a half and I have a temper.' However, we can't remember a role that uses these emotions

Tia Carrere

Tia was discovered in a grocery store, and is still going after 30+ years in the business

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester is a man who took a punt on a script when he only had $100 in his bank account. The rest is history

Steve Martin

An enduring funny man, actor and writer who has been in show business for over half a century

Steve Carell

He has been described as the American David Brent

Steve Buscemi

The roles and movies Steve has been attached to are an indictment on the quality of this man's talent

Stephen Baldwin

Living in a shadow is hard, but he has carved out some superb performances in Born on the Fourth of July (1989) and The Usual Suspects (1995)

Sigourney Weaver

Will probably be known for Alien (1979) forever, but she is an accomplished stage actress also

Shia LaBeouf

The transition from child actor to action man was made complete in Fury (2014)

Seth Rogen

An infectious laugh and comedy timing thrust Seth into the big time when he Knocked Up Katherine Heigl

Sean Penn

Sean Penn has been described the actor's actor and with many diverse roles under his belt, he seems unable to be typecast

Sean Connery

Sean may forever be known as being the best James Bond, but does not hold the record for most Bond appearances

Scarlett Johansson

Voluptuous and curvy, Scarlett is not only beautiful, but a great acting talent

Sandra Bullock

Sandra has appeared in many movies, and quietly has achieved being the highest paid actress in the world

Samuel L. Jackson

To most fans Samuel will always be Jules who had a wallet with Bad Mother… written upon it

Sam Neill

English literature major, wine maker and action actor, New Zealander Sam has conquered the world

Ryan Reynolds

Do you remember Ryan before he was an action star? He was Van Wilder. Maybe I should write that down!

Ryan Gosling

Ryan was home-schooled, which may account for his insistence on privacy

Russell Crowe

New Zealand-born action star, often mistaken for Australian, started a speedy ascent after playing a violent punk in Romper Stomper

Roger Moore

Roger is in the unenviable position of polarising James Bond fans, being remembered as the best and the worst

Robin Williams

Gone too early, the man of a million laughs, best remembered for the universal joy he brought everyone

Robert Pattinson

By 2014, it looks like Robert is trying to relieve himself of Edward Cullen, with some varied and interesting roles.

Robert Duvall

Oscar winner, with over 50 years in the business, working in some of history's greatest movies

Robert Downey Jr.

Perennial bad boy turned good in the light of jail time and a drug habit

Robert De Niro

Robert would have to rate in the top 10 of all time actors

Rene Russo

Rene's big break happened in her 30s, her life experience aided her portrayal of strong women

Reese Witherspoon

She began modelling aged 7. The move to acting for this diminutive actress came quickly afterwards with her first major role at 14 years old

Ray Liotta

The psychotic intensity of his characters belies his offscreen demeanor as family man and all-round nice guy

Ralph Fiennes

Son of a photographer and novelist, it was little shock that Ralph and his siblings would end up in the arts

Rachel McAdams

Starting acting at 13-years old, Rachel broke out when she was one of the Mean Girls

Quentin Tarantino

Once verbally attacked by Denzel Washington for his use of racially insensitive dialog, he has continued to write about 'pipe-hitting n….'

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Lost too early, Philip played roles that he made his own for eternity

Penélope Cruz

Penélope's break when she was plucking Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Paul Rudd

A nautical drama without Paul acting in it could be said to be Rudd-erless

Owen Wilson

Perennial good guy and troublemaker, Owen was expelled from school in 10th grade

Orlando Bloom

Orlando will probably be best remembered as Legolas, but it maybe worth remembering that he was once voted the 3rd sexiest star in 2004

Oliver Reed

Good friends with fellow self-destructor, Keith Moon from The Who, there was only one way this man was going to go out: in a blaze of glory

Natalie Portman

From Natalie's first feature movie it was obvious that she was a superstar, but her part in Star Wars nearly sunk her career

Naomi Watts

The part of Jet Girl in Tank Girl almost sunk Naomi. The reignition of her career was at the hands of David Lynch

Morgan Freeman

One of the most respected figures in US cinema history, Morgan plays some very iconic and commanding roles

Mila Kunis

A professional since before she was a teenager, Mila has used her 20+ years in showbiz to work some diverse roles

Michelle Williams

A former Dawson's Creek bad girl, Michelle threw off the impediments of child stardom to become a diverse character actor

Michelle Pfeiffer

An actress of such grace and beauty, she became the muse of Val Kilmer

Michael J. Fox

The kid next door blew up to be one of the biggest actors in the '80s

Michael Ironside

Often the villain or anti hero, Michael's scarred face and booming voice only adds to his presence

Michael Fassbender

Being able to portray a wide range of emotions and speak a few languages could bode well for Michael's long term acting career

Michael Biehn

His famous quote is 'I'd rather have a small part in a good film with good people than play the lead in something I don't really care for.'