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Grease (1978)

  Set in the summer of 1958 Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton John) and Danny Zuko (John Travolta) meet on a beach while on vacation.  They fall in love but Sandy has to go back to Australia... Read synopsis

Clerks II (2006)

A decade after Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randal’s hockey game got cut short, Dante arrives at work to an inferno. Randal, (Jeff Anderson) who had closed the store the previous night, had... Read synopsis

Run Lola Run (1998)

Manni, (Moritz Bleibtreu) the small time criminal, has just made a gross and expensive error. He had been entrusted with a job to collect one hundred thousand Deutsche Marks for his boss, Ronnie... Read synopsis

Clerks. (1994)

Dante is sleeping off a late night at the Quick Stop when his phone rings. Someone has called in sick and now he has to go in on his day off. The stipulation for him going in is that his boss... Read synopsis

300 (2006)

Spartan traditions are harsh traditions, born of a savage and unremitting age. Each Spartan, as an infant, is inspected to ensure that it does not suffer a weak constitution, a deformity, or... Read synopsis

Twelve Monkeys (1995)

In the distant future, the human population has deserted the surface of the Earth. A deadly virus, released in 1996, ravaged the planet’s population, leaving small groups of survivors. With the... Read synopsis

Devil’s Advocate (1997)

Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves) is in the middle of a case in Gainsville, Florida, where he is fighting a losing battle to secure an acquittal of an accused child molester. During the course of the... Read synopsis

Army of Darkness (1992)

An unlucky Ash (Bruce Campbell) is sucked into a time portal and transported to 1300AD. He is immediately captured by Lord Arthur (Marcus Gilbert), who believes him to be in league with his sworn... Read synopsis

The Evil Dead (1981)

When five Michigan State University friends head to a remote cabin for spring break, they are unaware of just how strange the next night’s events will be. Ash (Bruce Campbell) and Linda (Betsy... Read synopsis

Spaceballs (1987)

Planet Spaceball has run out of air. President Skroob (Mel Brooks) hatches a devious scheme to steal the air from the neighbouring planet, Druidia. Skroob intends to get the air by kidnapping... Read synopsis

Evil Dead II (1987)

Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) and his girlfriend, Linda (Denise Baxter), are taking a romantic evening together in an abandoned and remote woodland cabin. Inside the cabin lies a dark secret from... Read synopsis

Brazil (1985)

Sam Lowry (Jonathan Pryce) dreams to be free from his mundane and humdrum existence. He regularly dreams of being the hero, and often fantasises about saving a beautiful damsel in distress.... Read synopsis

Blade Runner (1982)

In the not too distant future, that will soon be the past, retired police officer, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) operates as a Blade Runner. His job is to track down bioengineered beings, called... Read synopsis

Scarface (1983)

A pair of Cuban refugees, Tony Montana (Al Pacino) and Manny Ray (Steven Bauer), is sent to a refugee camp in Miami. Along with friends, Angel (Pepe Serna) and Chi-Chi (Angel Salazar), the group... Read synopsis

Red Dawn (1984)

The United States stands alone after many European Nations leave NATO. Meanwhile the Soviet Union and its partners expand their territories, ready for the ultimate and aggressive attack. In a... Read synopsis