Clerks II (2006)

A decade after Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randal’s hockey game got cut short, Dante arrives at work to an inferno. Randal, (Jeff Anderson) who had closed the store the previous night, had left the coffee pot on, starting the blaze.
With the destruction of Quick Stop and RST video, Dante and Randal are forced to find gainful employment; their new place of work becomes Mooby’s. The other employees at Mooby’s are Becky Scott (Rosario Dawson), the manager, and Elias (Trevor Fehrman), a timid and profoundly Christian co-worker.
A year after the Quick Stop blaze, Dante is engaged to Emma Bunting (Jennifer Schwalbach), the ex high school ‘it girl’, whose father has offered him a job running a business in Florida. Randal is annoyed that his best mate is moving away, leaving him with only Elias as his ‘best friend’.
Another change from the status quo is that Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) have been convicted of drugs possession. The punitive repercussions of their arrest meant that they both had to attend rehab, resulting in them both becoming born again Christians. Their holy ways though do not preclude them from loitering outside Mooby’s and selling drugs again.
Dante’s working relationship with Becky is a strained one. One evening, they had both given into temptation, and had had a one-night stand on the prep station. The pair never talked about that night for a long time, but they still remained close. Dante confides in Becky that he is worried about the wedding dance, so she takes him to the roof to teach him some moves.
For Dante’s leaving present, Randal decides to get him a ‘Donkey Show’ and Becky has some news.

If you have yet to complete the quiz, do not read any further as there is a list of all questions and their correct answers below.

1. What was the first line?

Yeah, I got a fire at the Quick Stop. Yeah.

2. What was the last line?

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

3. What year was this movie released?


4. Who directed this movie?

Kevin Smith

5. How long after the first movie is this one based?

11 years

6. Where do Dante and Randal work?


7. Where is Dante and his Mrs going to be moving to?


8. What T-shirt does Randal have on when we first see him?

Ranger Danger

9. What is the nickname they call Lance Dowds?

Pickle Fucker

10. What was Lance’s website called

Mad Duckets

11. What is Dante’s fiancée’s name?


12. What is the show that Randal gets for Dante?

Donkey Show

13. What is Elias’ pussy troll called?

Pillow Pants

14. Who does Randal think he is talking about? “The chick that was all duhhh, till the miracle worker showed up and knocked some smarts into her.”

Anne Frank

15. What is the last thing we see Dante sell in his new store?

Pack of cigarettes

16. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have a small role in this movie?


17. Who played Randal?

Jeff Anderson

18. Who played Lance Dowds?

Jason Lee

19. Who played Becky?

Rosario Dawson

20. Who played Elias?

Trevor Fehrman


Clerks II

Dante has finally found the woman of his dreams, unfortunately he is moving to Florida to get married to someone else
comedy, cult