Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002)

From an early age, Chuck Barris (Sam Rockwell) has had problems with women. A particular incident in his early life led to a nickname of ‘Strawberry dick’.
Tired of not getting an opportunity to bed the women he wants to, Chuck moves to New York and becomes an NBC page. Eventually losing his job at NBC, Chuck becomes Dick Clarke’s personal assistant on American Bandstand. Furthermore, Chuck writes a successful song, ultimately sung by Freddy Cannon, named Palisades Park.
One evening, while at a girl’s apartment, he goes naked to grab a drink from the refrigerator. There he meets Penny (Drew Barrymore) and they have a conversation whilst he is still ‘as nature intended’.
Shortly after they begin seeing each other casually. It is around this time that Chuck manages to get an opportunity to create a pilot for ABC, named The Dating Game. After pouring his soul into the show, ABC decides to go ahead with a game show, as Chuck calls is, ‘Hoote-‘fuckin’-nanny’.
Barris continues on, unsuccessfully, until he is approached by a CIA agent named Jim (George Clooney). Jim is contracted by the CIA to be an assassin, and he goes off to be trained in the many ways of killing a man. After his graduation from CIA training, Chuck is sent to Mexico to kill someone. On his return two things confront him; Penny is now a hippy, and ABC has left numerous messages for him as they want to greenlight ‘The Dating Game’.
The Dating Game becomes a phenomenon, leading Jim to suggest that the prizes should include overseas trips for the winners to destinations where he can complete some CIA work, and he could get there by being their chaperone. It is during a visit to Finland that he meets Patricia (Julia Roberts).

If you have yet to complete the quiz, do not read any further as there is a list of all questions and their correct answers below.

1. What was the first line?

I wouldn’t want to live his life because he hasn’t been happy all of his life.

2. What was the last line?

He gets a refrigerator.

3. What year was this movie released?


4. Who directed this movie?

George Clooney

5. Who wrote the book this movie was based upon?

Chuck Barris

6. What was Chuck’s first job in Manhattan?

NBC page

7. Which song did Chuck write that became successful?

Palisades Park

8. What was the show called that ABC abandoned The Dating Game for?


9. Where does Chuck have his first hit?


10. Where does Chuck go to assassinate Colbert?

East Germany

11. Who was Chuck’s contact in Finland?


12. How much is Chuck given to make The Dating Game pilot?


13. What show does Chuck create in 1976?

The Gong Show

14. What was Chuck’s father?

Serial Killer

15. Complete this line from Jim Byrd “You’re an assassination enthusiast. A…”

Murder buff

16. Where does Chuck meet Patricia for the last time?


17. Who played Keeler?

Rutger Hauer

18. Who played Debbie?

Maggie Gyllenhaal

19. Who played Penny?

Drew Barrymore

20. Who played Chuck Barris?

Sam Rockwell


Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

The tale of Chuck Barris and his claim to be a CIA hitman
biography, comedy, crime, drama, romance, thriller