Gangs of New York (2002)

The streets of 1840s New York are a violent and unforgiving place. At Paradise Square in Lower Manhattan, a battle for a territory known as the Five Points, the conjunction of five roads, is about to take place. The protagonists in this fight to the death are Bill ‘the Butcher’ Cutting (Daniel Day-Lewis), leader of the U.S. born gang known as the Natives, and ‘Priest’ Vallon, leader of the Irish immigrant gang known as the Dead Rabbits. During this bloody battle, Cutting kills Priest Vallon in front of his son, Amsterdam, and the Dead Rabbits are henceforth vanquished from the Five Points. Amsterdam, now without any family, is sent to be raised in Hellgate orphanage.
Almost twenty years later, Amsterdam (Leonardo DiCaprio) returns to Five Points and meets up with some old friends. Johnny Sirocco introduces Amsterdam to Cutting, but does not tell Cutting of Amsterdam’s lineage. The Five Points has changed plenty in the past two decades. Former Dead rabbits now sit loyal with Cutting, leaving Amsterdam no choice but to ingratiate himself into Cutting’s inner circle so he can exact his revenge.
Amsterdam learns that Cutting celebrates the anniversary of his father’s death and the victory over the Dead Rabbits with a yearly ceremony. He decides to enact a plan to kill Cutting on the evening of this celebration.
During the lead up to these events, Amsterdam meets an enchanting girl named Jenny (Cameron Diaz), who Johnny is in love with. Amsterdam finds out that Jenny and Cutting have a history, which conflicts his mind.
One evening, at the theatre, Cutting becomes the target of an assassin. Amsterdam thwarts the attempt, further building his trust with Cutting. That evening, Cutting confides in him that he is like the son he never had.

If you have yet to complete the quiz, do not read any further as there is a list of all questions and their correct answers below.

1. What was the first line?

No son, never. The blood stays on the blade

2. What was the last line?

…And no matter what they did to build this city up again, for the rest of time, it will be like no-one even knew we was ever here.

3. What year was this movie released?


4. Who directed this movie?

Martin Scorsese

5. How many Oscars was this movie nominated for?


6. What year does the story start?


7. What is the name of Priest Vallon’s gang?

Dead Rabbits

8. Where was Amsterdam raised?


9. What is the play being performed when Amsterdam thwarts the attempt on Cutting’s life?

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

10. What is the square called in the Five Points?


11. Which cheek was Amsterdam burnt on?


12. Where does Jenny want her and Amsterdam to move to?

San Francisco

13. How does Amsterdam kill Johnny (for mercy)?


14. Which eye did Bill pluck out?


15. What is the riot about?


16. Where was Cutting buried?


17. Who played William ‘Boss’ Tweed?

Jim Broadbent

18. Who played ‘Priest’ Vallon?

Liam Neeson

19. Who played Jenny Everdeane?

Cameron Diaz

20. Who played Bill ‘The Butcher’ Cutting?

Daniel Day-Lewis


Gangs of New York

Revenge fills the heart of Amsterdam Vallon, and he will have his satisfaction at the Five Points
crime, drama, history