Natural Born Killers (1994)

At a roadside diner, Mickey and Mallory Knox are having some lunch. During their stop, Mallory starts the jukebox playing, and begins to dance. Whilst dancing, she is joined by a redneck that makes lewd and suggestive motions towards Mallory. She initially plays along, until getting bored and starting a fight with the redneck by smashing him with a bottle. The ensuing fistfight sees Mallory beat the man to a bloody mess. The bested redneck’s father steps in, only to be stabbed by Mickey. This starts a bloodthirsty sequence where Mickey and Mallory murder all of the diner’s patrons, bar one.
During a night of taking hallucinogenic mushrooms, Mickey and Mallory reminisce about their meeting and how they dispatched with her sexually abusive father and her indifferent mother. Mickey and Mallory’s instant attraction would lead them to marry one another on a bridge, in front of god, sealing it with the mixing of their blood. Soon, Mickey and Mallory are in a motel room, and they begin to have sex. In the corner is a beautiful female hostage that Mickey is playing up to. Mallory is disgusted, leaving Mickey to the scared young lass. Mallory drives to a nearby gas station, where she flirts with the attendant. His over eagerness on the hood of a car results in his murder.
Mickey and Mallory continue their murderous spree on Route 666 in New Mexico, eventually accounting for 48 victims. Two men are pursuing the errant pair; one is a detective named Jack Scagnetti, and the other is a TV personality named Wayne Gale.
Whilst lost in the desert, a Navajo Indian takes in the Knox’s. During the night, Mickey wakes from a nightmare, killing the man. He is then bitten by a snake, and must go to find some antivenom. This is where the elusive pair are caught.

If you have yet to complete the quiz, do not read any further as there is a list of all questions and their correct answers below.

1. What was the first line?

What kind of pies do you have?

2. Complete this line from Mickey “Right now, I’d go down on a lawman for a…”

Gallon of gas

3. What year was this movie released?


4. Who directed this movie?

Oliver Stone

5. What is the name of the waitress in the diner in the opening scenes?


6. What was Mickey delivering to Mallory’s dad?


7. What is Mallory’s younger brother’s name?


8. What concert was Mallory going to be going to?

John Lee Hooker

9. How does Mallory kill her father?

Drowns him

10. How many people did the pair kill in New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada?


11. Who killed Scagnetti’s mum?

Charles Whitman

12. What does Scagnetti threaten to do to Mallory if Mickey doesn’t give up?

Cut off her tits

13. What is Wayne Gale’s show called?

American Maniacs

14. Who kills Scagnetti?


15. Who wrote the original story this movie was based upon?

Quentin Tarantino

16. What is the prostitute called that Scagnetti kills?


17. Who played Wayne Gale?

Robert Downey, Jr.

18. Who played Detective Jack Scagnetti?

Tom Sizemore

19. Who played Warden Dwight McClusky?

Tommy Lee Jones

20. Who played Ed Wilson?

Rodney Dangerfield


Natural Born Killers

A traumatic childhood leads to the union of two murderous psychopaths who grew up on a diet of too much TV
crime, drama