The Last King of Scotland (2006)

Graduation from medical school at the University of Edinburgh would normally bring excitement and a sense of achievement, but for Nicholas Garrigan (James McAvoy) all that seems to lie ahead is terrific dullness. In a moment of inspiration, instead of joining his father’s practice in Scotland, Nicholas decides to shoot for adventure in Africa. Nicholas joins a Ugandan missionary clinic run by Dr. David Merrit and his wife, Sarah (Gillian Anderson).
Around the same time as Nicholas starts in Uganda, General Idi Amin (Forest Whitaker) overthrows the government in a military coup. Nicholas is taken by Amin’s rhetoric and believes he will make a better and fairer country; Sarah is not so sure.
During a day out, Amin is involved in a traffic accident where he is slightly injured. Amin’s guards rush off to find a doctor, and Garrigan is it. At the crash scene lies a mortally wounded cow, a crashed car and a partially injured dictator. As Nicholas is treating Amin, the cow is hollering in its death throes starts to ride his nerves. In a moment of mercy, and hubris, Garrigan pulls Amin’s revolver mid treatment and shoots the animal dead. Amin is obviously shocked at this stranger’s overly familiar actions, but learning that Garrigan is Scottish seems to start to smooth over their relationship. Soon Amin is laughing and asking to swap shirts with him. Within hours, Amin will ask Nicholas to be his personal physician.
As the relationship between Amin and Galligan deepens, he is offered the opportunity to reform the country’s beleaguered health system, as well as being a trusted confident in matters of state.
Soon Nicholas meets one of Amin’s wives, Kay, who has given birth to an epileptic son. Garrigan offers to treat the young boy, and later he and Kay get closer.

If you have yet to complete the quiz, do not look any further as there is a list of all questions and their correct answers.

1. What was the first line?

Come on! Are youse ready?

2. What was the last line?

Because many of the people who, uh, broke relations with Israel, they are not only Muslims, they are also Christians. This particular certain point is very important…

3. What year was this movie released?


4. Who directed this movie?

Kevin Macdonald

5. How many Oscars did this movie win?


6. This movie was based on a novel by whom?

Giles Foden

7. What year does this movie start in?


8. Where did Nicholas graduate from?

University of Edinburgh

9. Who did Amin overthrow?

Milton Obote

10. What did Amin hurt in the car accident?

Right hand

11. What is the name of the driver of Amin’s car?


12. What is Kay’s son called?


13. Where is the airport that the pro-Palestinian hijackers fly to?


14. Who helps Garrigan out of the airport?

Dr. Junju

15. In which country did Amin die?

Saudi Arabia

16. How many people died under Amin’s regime?


17. Who played Kay Amin?

Kerry Washington

18. Who played Stone?

Simon McBurney

19. Who played Sarah Merrit?

Gillian Anderson

20. Who played Dr. Nicholas Garrigan?

James McAvoy


The Last King of Scotland

The tale of the rapid rise of a Scottish physician during the brutal regime of Idi Amin, and his efforts to escape the erratic dictator
biography, drama, history