You Only Live Twice (1967)

An orbiting US spacecraft is hijacked by an unidentified spacecraft.  While the Americans suspect the Russians the British are suspicious of the Japanese as the spacecraft lands in the Sea of Japan.

Bond, who earlier had faked his own death to throw his enemies off the scent, is sent to Tokyo to make contact with Aki (Akiki Wakabayashi) and investigate.  Aki is the assistant to Tiger Tanaka (Tetsurō Tamba) the Japanese secret service leader.  Bond is introduced to Dikko Henderson (Charles Gray) who says he has found evidence of a rogue craft but he is killed before he can pass on any more information.  Killing the assassin Bond, in disguise, escapes in the getaway car and goes to Osato Chemicals.  Overcoming the driver he breaks into president Mr Osato’s (Teru Shimada) office stealing documents but is chased out by security.  He is picked up by Aki who then runs off to a secluded subway station.  As Bond chases after her he falls through a trapdoor which leads him to Tiger Tanaka.  Using a code word to establish their credentials they scrutinise the information that Bond found in Osata’s safe.  It contains details of the smuggling of liquid oxygen used in rocket fuel, and a negative of the Ning Po, a supertanker, taken by a US tourist who was killed by an employee of Osato Chemicals.  Bond stays the night at Tanaka’s house where Aki eventually visits and stays the night with him.

The following day, disguised as businessman Jim Fisher, Bond visits Mr Osato.  Unbeknown to him Osato x-rays him, and seeing he has a gun, orders hit-men to kill him but Bond and Aki escape and Tanaka kills the hit-men.

The Ning Po is being loaded in Kobe and Tanaka orders James and Aki to go there.  Bond asks Tanaka to make contact with M and request that he send a minicopter gunship and Major Geoffrey “Q” Boothroyd, aka ‘Little Nellie’ and her father.

A gang of dockworkers attack Bond and Aki after they find the liquid oxygen tanks but while Aki escapes Bond is knocked unconscious.  He comes round tied to a chair in Helga Brandt’s (Karin Dor) room on the Ning Po and she questions him about his prying all the while threatening him with a surgeon’s knife.  She is, however, finding Bond attractive and, allowing herself to be seduced by him, frees him and flies him out on her private plane but mid flight she bails, locking him in.  Bond escapes in time to land the plane and flee before it explodes.

Bond is now back at where the Ning Po is unloaded.  He takes delivery of the heavily armed autogyro, Little Nellie, and takes off to fly over the area of interest but he is attacked by helicopters and so confirming that SPECTRE is involved.

Meanwhile, a Russian spaceship is captured by an unidentified craft thus raising tensions between them and America.  The captured ship is brought back to base inside a volcano and we see the identity of who is behind it all, Ernst Stavro Blofeld!  Thinking that she has been forgiven for not killing Bond, Brandt leaves but Blofeld isn’t finished.  He triggers a collapsing walkway under her and she falls to her death into a pool of piranhas and so Mr Osata is given the order to kill Bond.

So that he can investigate the island more deeply, Bond trains with Tanaka’s ninjas as they are training to infiltrate in with the local fishermen but during the training there is an assassination attempt on him which fails and Aki is killed instead.  In disguise Bond is ‘married’ to a young woman called Kissy Suzuki (Mie Hama) from the fishing village.

They set off to investigate a cave that Kissy told him about which is under the volcano and discover that the mouth of the volcano is actually the hatch to the secret rocket base.  Kissy goes to let Tanaka know of their find while Bond sneaks in and unearths and frees the astronauts who have been held captive.  With their help he steals a spacesuit and tries to infiltrate the spacecraft but unfortunately he didn’t escape Blofeld’s eager eye and was apprehended.

The US prepares to launch a nuclear attack on Russia as the spacecraft ‘Bird One’ draws nearer to their spaceship.

As this is happening the ninjas have scaled the mountain and are trying to enter through the hatch but are discovered by security who fire at them.  Bond succeeds in creating a diversion and manages to open the hatch so that the ninjas can enter.  A battle ensues, Osato is killed by Blofeld and Bonds escapes and reaches the control room.  He kills Blofeld’s bodyguard and activates the spaceships self destruct button in time to prevent it from doing any damage.  However, Blofeld has set the base to self destruct before he escapes leaving Bond, Kissy, Tanaka and the ninjas to escape via the tunnel just before it explodes.


You Only Live Twice

An orbiting US spacecraft is hijacked by an unidentified spacecraft. While the Americans suspect the Russians the British are suspicious of the Japanese as the spacecraft lands in the Sea of Japan.
, Adventure
, Thriller