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Friday the 13th

Summer camp is not as fun as it should be for a group of counsellors

Dead Poet's Society

An English teacher that doesn't play by the rules inspires a group of students

Pretty in Pink

The affections of a girl are torn between her childhood sweetheart and a rich playboy

Blind Date

Walter's life is turned upside down when he goes on a date with Nadia, who has an allergy to alcohol consumption


A highschool student inadvertently almost starts World War 3 with nothing more than a phone line and a computer

Used Cars

Rudy is the best salesman on the lot, but when his boss, Luke, dies he must cover it up so that Luke's evil brother does not inherit the yard.


Julius and Vincent couldn't be more different, and the same

Trading Places

A bet between two callous millionaires results in the fall from grace of one of their brightest employees and the elevation of a homeless street bum

James Bond: The Living Daylights

Bond must again save the world from turmoil as an eccentric arms dealer tries to initiate a global catastrophe

The Karate Kid, Part III

John Kreese returns from the dead to try an avenge his losses, with the help of an old Vietnam war buddy

The Karate Kid, Part II

Daniel follows Mr Miyagi to his home village when his father becomes terminally ill. In the village lives Miyagi's bitter rival

The Cannonball Run

An illegal road race brings a wide variety of competitors together to win the lucrative prize

The Big Red One

A close group of four privates and their battle-hardened Sergeant form the nucleus of a unit that boasts a high casualty rate

Tequila Sunrise

Drug dealer, Mac and Cop, Nick, are best mates. Now Nick is ordered to bring his mate down, but Mac is trying to go straight.

Teen Wolf

Scott Howard is about to find out what it's like to drink from the toilet

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Superman's quest is to disarm the world of its nuclear arsenal, but Lex Luthor has other plans


John wants a change in his life, so he talks Russell into joining the army for a bit of fun

Spies Like Us

Two incompetent CIA applicants are used as decoys to a covert mission meant to hijack a Soviet missile

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

A deaf man and a blind man witness a murder, only to be accused of the crime.

Risky Business

Joel Goodsen gets more than he bargained for when ordering a night of guilt-free entertainment

Rambo III

Rambo travels to Afghanistan to free his ex commanding officer from a brutal Russian prison

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Rambo undertakes a covert mission into Vietnam to find some missing POWs

Over the Top

Lincoln Hawks is going to bet it all on getting his son back and winning the world armwrestling championship

Look Who's Talking

Mikey's on the lookout for a new father and, unbeknownst to Mollie, he has chosen James

James Bond: Licence to Kill

Bond is out for revenge after his best friend's wife is killed and his friend is left for dead

Iron Eagle

A young pilot ace plans a suicide mission to pick up his dad, who has been shot down behind enemy lines

Good Morning, Vietnam

A disc jockey becomes popular with the troops, but not with his superiors


This is the story of the first all-black volunteer regiment of the US civil war

James Bond: For Your Eyes Only

Bond is tasked to recover a device from a sunken British vessel before the Russians can get their hands on it


A young guitar prodigy takes a old man back to the place where he sold his soul to the devil


Cobretti is tough on crime. Very tough. And the ending will leave someone hanging.

Casualties of War

Five American soldiers kidnap a young Vietnamese girl for 'entertainment' whilst out on patrol

Brewster's Millions

Brewster has just been given the task of spending $1,000,000 per day, but he can't tell anyone why

Born on the Fourth of July

Paralysed in Vietnam, Ron Kovic has to realign his outlook on life

Beverly Hills Cop 2

The shooting of Chief Bogomil brings Axel back to Beverly Hills, and into the middle of some puzzling crimes

Back to School

Thornton Melon, millionaire businessman, returns to school in an attempt to help his son through college

James Bond: A View to A Kill

An industrialist is hell-bent on destroying Silicon Valley in an attempt to corner the market in microchips

The Running Man

Ben Richards has to survive a game show that runs with the express purpose of executing its contestants

The Untouchables

Eliot Ness assembles a hand-picked team to take down Al Capone

The Shining

The Torrance family are set to spend an idyllic winter in an isolated hotel, but evil forces are afoot.

The Evil Dead

A remote cabin in the woods plays host to demonic possession


Can Lone Starr and Barf stop Lord Dark Helmet from stealing Druidia's air supply

James Bond: Octopussy

James has to foil a plot to blow up a nuclear device at an American military base, starting WWIII

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana travels to India, and gets mixed up in a cult

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana is on the trail of the Holy Grail with his father to thwart the Nazis

Evil Dead II

As if like déjà vu, Ash is stuck in a remote cabin with no means of escape and demonic forces all around

Das Boot

Life on board a German U-boat in WW2 is a mixture of dullness, dirt and dread


A simple bureaucrat is mistaken for a terrorist when he tries to rectify a clerical error

Blade Runner

Find out if androids dream of electric sheep


From Little Havana rises a powerful and bloody drug cartel

Christmas Vacation

Clark is back. This time he is staying home for the vacation

Red Dawn

A group of teenagers repel invading Soviet forces in the prelude to World War III

National Lampoon's Vacation

A cross country trip to a theme park sounds pretty easy. It is not for Clark and family.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Two dingbats from noplace America somehow become the catalyst for a forever peaceful future, but if they don't pass history it won't happen

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

An innocent cartoon rabbit is accused of murder, now a cartoon hating detective has the job of proving his innocence

The Terminator

A cyborg is sent to the past to kill a waitress whose unborn son will one day be the leader of the resistance

Tango and Cash

2 of LA's top cops are framed and must now swallow their ego and work together

Stand by Me

Four boys embark on a journey to find the body of a missing kid

Sixteen Candles

All Samantha wants is a sweet sixteen, instead she gets mayhem and embarrassment

Major League

Can this team of baseball's worst players band together to make a winning team to spite the new owner?