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Lethal Weapon 2

Riggs and Muraugh attempt to make a conviction stick to South African diplomats hiding behind diplomatic immunity


LA journalist, Irwin 'Fletch' Fletcher, uses disguises to get the stories he needs. This time though he has investigated too deep.

The Little Mermaid

Ariel wants nothing more than to join the human world. Should she give her voice to a Sea Witch in return for legs, for a chance at love?

A Fish Called Wanda

A diamond heist goes well, but a double-cross leads three counts of doggy death

Field of Dreams

An Iowa farmer interprets voices in his head as command to build a baseball diamond in his field of corn

The Dark Crystal

A diminutive creature, Jen, must travel a great distance and brave many hardships to restore the Dark Crystal


John Matrix has to single-handedly chew through an entire South American army to save his daughter


Can an exclusive golf course survive a plague of gophers and a cocksure new member?

Back to the Future Part 2

Marty and the Doc have to return to the past to undo a reality where Marty's father is dead and the Doc is committed

When Harry Met Sally

Harry and Sally can't be friends because one is male and the other female. That's what Harry thinks anyway

Raising Arizona

Career criminal, Hi, and his policewoman wife cannot have a baby. Maybe a local family with quintuplets won't miss one.

The Outsiders

Two rival gangs fight for control of the streets. An unintentional escalation in violence sends some members running

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Senior year in high school is no picnic for the students of Ridgemont High


Josh only has one wish, to be big. A mystical arcade machine grants his wish, leading to some unwanted consequences


A couple, recently deceased, must evict the new owners of their home by any means necessary.

Young Guns

Billy the Kid leads a gang of misfits in an attempt to extract deadly justice for the death of their boss and friend


An evil queen, scared of 'the prophecy', orders all female babies with a birthmark to be slain. One escapes to a faraway village, but can they protect her?

Uncle Buck

Unemployed hatchet and racing enthusiast, Buck is asked to look after his brother's kids. What could go wrong?

Police Academy

A shortage of sworn officers results in a slide in the Academy entrance requirements, all the way to the bottom.

Full Metal Jacket

The road to Vietnam is full of twists and turns. Can a wise-cracking journalist make it there and back again?


When you are offered a present with three rules not to be broken, don't accept it!

Weird Science

2 nerds design a fantasy woman using magazine cutouts, a Barbie and the processing power of the hacked US Air Force computer system

¡Three Amigos!

Three actors answer a call from an under-siege village requiring their services, but this is not an acting job


Joanna, rich and bored, hires Dean, down and out, to work on her yacht. A monetary disagreement results in a 'heart warming kidnapping'

The Lost Boys

Many people have gone missing in Santa Carla. Maybe the secret lies with its lost boys

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indiana has to race to Cairo and find the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Ferris wants a day off before he graduates. A devious plan enables his best friend and girlfriend to join him on the best day of their lives

Dirty Dancing

Baby Houseman has to grow up quickly on a family holiday in the Catskills where she meets dance instructor, Johnny

The Breakfast Club

5 students from completely different social backgrounds learn that for all their differences, they are pretty similar

Rain Man

Charlie Babbitt's autistic brother teaches him that life is about more than just dollars and cents.

The Princess Bride

All Buttercup wants to do is marry Westley, but he's dead. Betrothed to a prince, she's kidnapped and then saved by her lover's killer

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Neal wants to get home for Thanksgiving but his flight's diverted then cancelled. When Neal meets salesman Del, things don't go any smoother

Airplane!/Flying High!

Ted Striker's afraid of flying. Unfortunately he is hurtling through the air with no pilots, and an autopilot with a questionable on-switch


A young girl's wish is granted: now she must negotiate The Labyrinth to save her infant brother from being turned into a goblin

The Abyss

Navy SEALs & an underwater drilling team join forces to salvage a nuclear sub but a visit from non-terrestrial intelligence has devastating consequences

The Goonies

A treasure map sends the Goonies on a dangerous underground adventure in the hopes of saving their homes.


Bartender Brian and mixologist Doug fall out over a bet. Years later they meet in Jamaica; one's snared a rich chick, the other's still making martinis


One night in Gotham City a caped crime fighter is born from the coffins of Bruce Wayne’s slain parents. Its name is Batman.

Die Hard

NYPD cop John McClane is invited to his wife's work's Christmas Party when the building is taken over by a ruthless terrorist

Beverly Hills Cop

Maverick cop, Axel Foley, takes vacation to Beverly Hills to find his best friend's killer


A group of soldiers uncover an alien being that is using the Central American jungle as its own personal hunting ground.

First Blood

Rambo must use his survival skills in the backwoods of a small town to avoid capture by the Sheriff's men and the National Guard

Top Gun

A mixture of testosterone-fuelled F14 footage and manly beach volleyball scenes sets the stage for a Cold War-style aerial showdown

Lethal Weapon

Veteran cop, Murtaugh, isn't looking for trouble but discovers a drug smuggling gang. It's up to new partner Riggs to help him bust it

Wall Street

Set in the heart of New York's financial district in 1985, Wall Street is a story of Gordon Gekko's greed and his downfall


Oliver Stone's masterpiece about a dysfunctional unit of American soldiers fighting in Vietnam is a gritty and compelling war flick


After surviving in deep space for 57 years Ripley is cast among the aliens to do battle once again on planet LV-426

Big Trouble in Little China

Lo Pan requires a green-eyed woman to sacrifice so he can become flesh again. Can Jack Burton and Wang thwart his dastardly plans?

Back to the Future

Marty escapes back to 1955 in the DeLorean time machine, but his mum ends up falling for him which could negate his very existence!

This is Spinal Tap

When rock super heavyweights Spinal Tap go on a tour of the USA things go hilariously wrong. Maybe Japan is their salvation

Ghost Busters

Who ya gonna call? The Ghost Busters battle supernatural forces trying to take over the city as a giant marshmallow man

Star Wars: Episode VI - The Return of the Jedi

Luke, Han and Leia battle to destroy an even more potent Death Star. How can they lose with an army of rock-throwing Ewoks at their side?

The Karate Kid

Wax on, wax off, and paint the fence and you, too, could be a karate hero like Daniel as he bravely battles bullies to win the girl

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

From the battle on Hoth to the final lightsaber duel between Luke and Vader, the Empire makes gains on the Rebels

Maine Pyar Kiya

Finding love, fighting for love, living love..


He bets he can make her fall for him, but it comes at a price!

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

The most dangerous love story ever told.

Mr. India

A poor, but big-hearted man and his invisibility device- in a fight against evil!


The man who bears the burden of the world on his shoulders, willingly


A heart-warming tale of childhood innocence