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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack sets out to educate Christmas Town

Beauty and the Beast

Belle warms the heart of a beast that has a secret


Aladdin finds a genie lamp that gives him the opportunity to wed the girl of his dreams

Fantastic Mr. Fox

About to be responsible and respectable, Mr Fox is about to embark on one last raid

The Lorax

Living in the perfect synthetic world has its drawbacks, especially when the girl of your dreams wants a 'real' tree


A psychic lad takes on ghosts and zombies to free his town from a curse

Monsters University

Follow the story of Mike and Sully, before they were the most dynamic team in Monstropolis

Despicable Me 2

Once arch criminal, turned devoted father, must use his historical cunning to investigate a new master criminal


A talented rat chef helps a young kitchen worker to make wonderful meals


Four animals raised in captivity must learn to live in the wild, but try not to eat each other

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

An innocent cartoon rabbit is accused of murder, now a cartoon hating detective has the job of proving his innocence

The Emperor's New Groove

It takes a llama herder to help the Emperor, who has just been turned into a llama


Can a perpertually frozen world be thawed by the courage of the Ice Princess' sister?

Lilo and Stitch

A genetic experiment escapes to Earth and makes friends with a young girl

The Little Mermaid

Ariel wants nothing more than to join the human world. Should she give her voice to a Sea Witch in return for legs, for a chance at love?

Monsters, Inc.

Monstropolis is in the midst of a power crisis. How are they going to make more power?

The Incredibles

A family of superheroes save the planet from evil

Corpse Bride

A forgetful young man trying to learn his wedding vows inadvertently proposes to a 'stiff'

Toy Story

Woody is Andy's favorite. The addition of a new toy gets Woody worried that he will be knocked off the top spot

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

The boys are excited by the release of Asses of Fire. Kyle's mum is less impressed and starts a hate campaign against Canada


A grumpy ogre travels to meet the ruler of his world to ask for some fairytale creatures to be removed from his swampy paradise

Despicable Me

Gru hatches a plan to steal the moon but first he'll need to get the shrink ray from the devious Vector