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Donnie Brasco

Joseph Pistone infiltrates the mafia as Don the Jeweller


Frank Dux travels to Hong Kong to fight in the lethal Kumite

American Sniper

Navy SEAL Chris saves the lives of his comrades with his accuracy, but 4 tours begin to take their toll


The story of Mozart told through the eyes of his rival, from an insane asylum

Girl, Interrupted

What will a writer do when stuck in a mental asylum for 18 months?


Anthony Swofford recounts the tale of his pre- and post-invasion Iraq experience


The story of a legendary Australian prisoner, turned novelist, and his exploits


Follow the story of the man who established the American cocaine market place in the 70s

The People vs. Larry Flynt

Follow the life of the Larry Flynt and the making of Hustler magazine

The Hurricane

The story of an imprisoned boxer and the people who helped him get released

Born on the Fourth of July

Paralysed in Vietnam, Ron Kovic has to realign his outlook on life

The Last King of Scotland

The tale of the rapid rise of a Scottish physician during the brutal regime of Idi Amin, and his efforts to escape the erratic dictator

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

The tale of Chuck Barris and his claim to be a CIA hitman

The Fifth Estate

America is rocked to the core by the advent of WikiLeaks

The Butler

Cecil served eight presidents at the White House during a turbulent time in the nation


Following Alfred Hitchcock and his muse, Alma, during the making of Psycho (1960)

Saving Mr. Banks

Watch the fight between P.L. Travers and Walt Disney during the adaptation of Mary Poppins

The Doors

It takes six years to chart the rise and fall of one of 1960s most influential bands

A Beautiful Mind

John Nash is a math prodigy recruited to work for a secretive government agency, but the opposition is closing in

Catch Me If You Can

Follow the career of pilot, doctor, lawyer and con artist, Frank Abagnale Jr.

The Aviator

Howard Hughes battles paranoia and OCD to become one of the wealthiest men alive.


The Golden Jew can make money for the mob like no other. Can a new wife and the arrival of an old friend decrease 'the skim'?

Remember the Titans

2 races, 2 teams and 2 coaches must learn to work together and realise that integration could mean synergy.

12 Years a Slave

Violin virtuoso Solomon Northrop, a free man in pre-civil war United States, is sold into slavery for 12 years after a short circus tour

Captain Phillips

Ruthless pirates attack an unarmed freighter in Somali waters and the ship's Captain is taken hostage. Based on a true story


The murder of Wallace's wife by the English gives birth to a leader that enflames Scottish pride and returns independence to a proud country