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The 40 Year Old Virgin

A nerd is goaded by his mates to 'pop his cherry'

The Addams Family

A con artist plans to fleece an entire eccentric family

The Cable Guy

When The Cable Guy feels rejected there are consequences

Animal House

Vernon Wormer is determined to expel and entire fraternity

Better Off Dead…

Lane Myer has to deal with his teenage problems, and homicidal paper boys

Adventures in Babysitting

A frantic night is ahead for Chris Parker

Blazing Saddles

A black sheriff and a wealthy landowner butt heads

The Graduate

A college graduate becomes torn between his older lover and her daughter

An American Werewolf in London

A walking tour of Britain for two college students turns to murder

Coming to America

An African Prince travels to Queens to find his princess

Say Anything….

Love strikes to an underachiever and a valedictorian

While We're Young

A couple's career and marriage are overturned when a disarming young couple enters their lives


Mortdecai is in search of lost Nazi gold


Con man, Nicky, is thrown off balance by the return of a lady from the past

Kingsman: The Secret Service

An unlikely recruit to the organisation shows promise

Step Brothers

Brennan and Dale are forced to share a room when their parents marry

Christmas Movies 2

Can you recognise this Christmas movie?

Christmas Movies 1

Can you recognise this Christmas movie?

80s Movies 10

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (near impossible)

80s Movies 9

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (difficult)

80s Movies 8

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (difficult)

80s Movies 7

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (difficult)

80s Movies 6

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (tough)

80s Movies 5

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (tough)

80s Movies 4

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (tough)

80s Movies 3

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (easy)

80s Movies 2

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (easy)

80s Movies 1

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (easy)

Back to the Future Scenes

Which BTTF movie is each scene from?

Brat Pack movies 1

Can you tell which movie these scenes are from?

The Big Lebowski FOR GEEKS

Think you know it all about The Dude….think again :)

Back to the Future FOR GEEKS

Think you know it all about BTTF….think again :)

Galaxy Quest

The cast of a cult sci-fi show is found by an alien race that assumes the show was a historical document of their deeds


Two L.A. guys hang out on their porch on Friday afternoon…this is their story

Dazed and Confused

A day in the life of mid-seventies high school students...with pot


Cher must find a way to survive adolescence

American Pie

Be gone virginity, by no later than prom night


Aladdin finds a genie lamp that gives him the opportunity to wed the girl of his dreams


Six guests must cooperate to solve a murder mystery in their very midst


The adventures of a young orphan in finding a family willing to take her

The Blues Brothers

Jake and Elwood bring their old band together to save the place they were raised

Ghostbusters II

The boys are back after the discovery of a large river of ectoplasm

Mean Girls

Cady makes a mistake by faling for the wrong guy

Pretty in Pink

The affections of a girl are torn between her childhood sweetheart and a rich playboy

Knocked Up

Wooly-headed, Jewish stoner Ben slips 'one past the goalie' during a one night stand with beautiful TV host, Alison

Exit Wounds

Orin Boyd is the sent to a troubled precinct where he uncovers corruption at the highest level

Couples Retreat

Four couples go to a retreat to get perspective on their relationships


The story of a legendary Australian prisoner, turned novelist, and his exploits

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Bridget finally gets everything she wants, but goes about trying to lose it

Blind Date

Walter's life is turned upside down when he goes on a date with Nadia, who has an allergy to alcohol consumption

Wayne's World 2

The un-dynamic duo is back, this time they are going to put on a festival

Three Kings

The road to riches proves to only take the men to salvation...and riches

The Waterboy

Bobby has a hidden ability, the one to kick some major ass. Bobby Boucher shows no mercy

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott's bass skills are pretty epic; his lady skills, not so much. Now he has to defend the honour of his new girlfriend from a bevvy of her exes

The Nutty Professor

He is brilliantly gifted and may weigh a metric tonne

The Acid House

Three stories of drugs, sex and abuse in Scotland

So I Married an Axe Murderer

Charlie, the commitment-phobe, has finally found the girl of his dreams, but she may also be a psychopathic murderer

Grandma's Boy

A 35-year-old games tester fails to grow up and learn life's lessons in this movie, but does get the girl and become successful in the end


When Bethany is about to lose her faith, she is asked to save humanity by the voice of God