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Night at the Museum

At night the Museum of Natural History comes to life. Dont forget to lock up the lions, or they ARE liable to eat you

Love Actually

Eight couples try to retain a love life in the months leading up to Christmas

Joe Dirt

Described as the underachievement nexus of the universe, can Joe Dirt overcome the poor start to his life?

The Commitments

Can the hardest working band in the world last long enough to get their first recording contract?

Chasing Amy

One man's obsession with a lesbian leads to a broken friendship and the end of a comic book partnership

Billy Madison

Can a porno-obsessed drunk nitwit who hallucinates penguins pass every grade in school in 24 weeks?

Bend it Like Beckham

Two girls from different cultures must survive the love of the game, and the same man

Dumb and Dumber

2 nitwits drive across country to deliver a case that contained a ransom they were never to get.


When you are offered a present with three rules not to be broken, don't accept it!

You've Got Mail

Two strangers start a relationship online, little do they know that their businesses are in direct competition.

Weird Science

2 nerds design a fantasy woman using magazine cutouts, a Barbie and the processing power of the hacked US Air Force computer system

¡Three Amigos!

Three actors answer a call from an under-siege village requiring their services, but this is not an acting job

Runaway Bride

Maggie has left three men at the alter. Maybe the fourth will be 'the one'

The Princess Diaries

Mia is clumsy and not well liked. Maybe being the crowned Princess of Genovia will help her social problems


Joanna, rich and bored, hires Dean, down and out, to work on her yacht. A monetary disagreement results in a 'heart warming kidnapping'

Notting Hill

Bookstore owner, WIlliam Thacker, meets Hollywood star, Anna Scott in his shop. A juice spillage leads to a chaste kiss and an unlikely union

Monsters, Inc.

Monstropolis is in the midst of a power crisis. How are they going to make more power?

The Lost Boys

Many people have gone missing in Santa Carla. Maybe the secret lies with its lost boys


An ex tenpin bowling champion tries to find redemption by training an Amish bowler for the world championship

Happy Gilmore

The world's worst ice skater gives up the dream to play hockey for a shot at golf


Buddy is not an elf with gigantism, he is human. Now he must leave the North Pole to find his parents


Two friends, sick of the commercial side of sport, invent a backyard game whose rules prevent profit

Old School

Three men start a fraternity to escape a housing bylaw and in the process find their lost youth

Never Been Kissed

Serial geek has another chance at high school, but initial indications are that Josie Grossie is set to return

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Husband and wife get a shock when they both turn out to be assassins on course to terminate each other

Jerry Maguire

A sports agent finds a conscience in the bottom of a bad noodle box. His realisation loses him his job, but he gains much more than that

Hot Fuzz

Nicholas Angel is a good cop, an exceptional cop, so good he is making everyone else look bad, now he is being transferred to a sleepy town

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Ferris wants a day off before he graduates. A devious plan enables his best friend and girlfriend to join him on the best day of their lives

Empire Records

A day in the life of some record employees gets more interesting when the store is held up on Rex Manning Day

The Breakfast Club

5 students from completely different social backgrounds learn that for all their differences, they are pretty similar

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Austin must return to 1969 to get back his mojo from a Scottish enemy agent that weighs 1 metric tonne

The Princess Bride

All Buttercup wants to do is marry Westley, but he's dead. Betrothed to a prince, she's kidnapped and then saved by her lover's killer

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Neal wants to get home for Thanksgiving but his flight's diverted then cancelled. When Neal meets salesman Del, things don't go any smoother

Toy Story

Woody is Andy's favorite. The addition of a new toy gets Woody worried that he will be knocked off the top spot

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

The boys are excited by the release of Asses of Fire. Kyle's mum is less impressed and starts a hate campaign against Canada


A grumpy ogre travels to meet the ruler of his world to ask for some fairytale creatures to be removed from his swampy paradise

Airplane!/Flying High!

Ted Striker's afraid of flying. Unfortunately he is hurtling through the air with no pilots, and an autopilot with a questionable on-switch

The World's End

5 adults return to their hometown to try to complete a pub crawl that started over 20 years earlier. Newton Haven hasn't changed, or has it?

Blue Jasmine

Mentally ill socialite, Jasmine, is brought to earth when her husband is indicted for tax evasion and is caught cheating

2 Guns

CIA money is stolen from a bank, now everyone is after the perpetrators: an honest cop and a Navy veteran

Clear History

A PR guru makes a mistake by selling shares in what was to be the largest car manufacturer in the United States

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Two drug dealing losers hitchhike across the country to stop a movie based on them being made, and in the process save an orangutan.

Groundhog Day

Every morning Phil wakes up it’s February 2nd, Groundhog Day, no matter what he does. Phil now must find a way to end this cycle

The Goonies

A treasure map sends the Goonies on a dangerous underground adventure in the hopes of saving their homes.

Wayne's World

Wayne and Garth produce a heavy metal show on public access TV, but it all goes downhill working for a proper TV network

High Fidelity

A discontented 30-something record store owner sets out on a journey of self discovery after his girlfriend dumps him

Beverly Hills Cop

Maverick cop, Axel Foley, takes vacation to Beverly Hills to find his best friend's killer

Despicable Me

Gru hatches a plan to steal the moon but first he'll need to get the shrink ray from the devious Vector

Napoleon Dynamite

Woolly headed artist and bow staff expert, Napoleon wants you to Vote for Pedro

Anchorman - The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Ron Burgundy is an institution, but the introduction of a female to the team leads to a competition that Ron isn't equipped to deal with.


Everyone wants the stolen 84-carat diamond, and all manner of gangsters will go to great lengths to get it

The Big Lebowski

When a millionaire's wife defaults on her debts, a mistaken identity leads The Dude to the centre of attention. And a search for a new rug

Grosse Pointe Blank

An assassin is sent back to his old suburb for a hit but finds out he's not the only hitman there; some of them are after him

Big Trouble in Little China

Lo Pan requires a green-eyed woman to sacrifice so he can become flesh again. Can Jack Burton and Wang thwart his dastardly plans?

Back to the Future

Marty escapes back to 1955 in the DeLorean time machine, but his mum ends up falling for him which could negate his very existence!

This is Spinal Tap

When rock super heavyweights Spinal Tap go on a tour of the USA things go hilariously wrong. Maybe Japan is their salvation

Ghost Busters

Who ya gonna call? The Ghost Busters battle supernatural forces trying to take over the city as a giant marshmallow man