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Star Wars Movie Scenes - Originals

Can you recognise which Star Wars movie each scene is from?

Star Wars Movie Scenes - Prequels

Can you recognise which Star Wars movie each scene is from?

70s Cult Movies 2

Can you recognise these 70s cult movies?

70s Cult Movies 1

Can you recognise these 70s cult movies?

Brat Pack movies 1

Can you tell which movie these scenes are from?

The Big Lebowski FOR GEEKS

Think you know it all about The Dude….think again :)

The Thing

The Antarctic plays host to an alien being that kills and assumes the identity of its victims

The Warriors

A bid to take over the streets ends in murder and a gang wrongly accused


A distress call brings a crew of a commercial vessel to investigate. That was their first mistake

The Blues Brothers

Jake and Elwood bring their old band together to save the place they were raised


A terminally wounded policeman is turned into a crime fighting cyborg in a dystopian Detroit


A bunch of immortals are forced to fight for a prize by a barbaric swordsman


The police chief, a marine scientist and a grizzly old fisherman set out to stop a gigantic great white that is terrorising a small beach community

From Dusk Till Dawn

Two criminals take a family hostage to cross the border to safety..but their refuge holds a secret

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Five young adults are terrorised by a chainsaw-weilding maniac and his strange family


The story of a legendary Australian prisoner, turned novelist, and his exploits

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott's bass skills are pretty epic; his lady skills, not so much. Now he has to defend the honour of his new girlfriend from a bevvy of her exes


Sniffing glue and killing cats is all there is to do in Xenia, almost.

Grandma's Boy

A 35-year-old games tester fails to grow up and learn life's lessons in this movie, but does get the girl and become successful in the end

Bad Boy Bubby

Bubby's mother has kept him locked in the same room for 30 years, filling his mind with rubbish. When she dies, Bubby is unleashed upon the world

Clerks II

Dante has finally found the woman of his dreams, unfortunately he is moving to Florida to get married to someone else

Run Lola Run

Lola needs to find 100,000 DM in twenty minutes or her boyfriend is going to rob a store


He's not even supposed to be at work today! Dante Hicks' day goes from bad to really bad as his friend Randal inadvertently ruins it hour by hour

2001: A Space Odyssey

Not only do the team have to survive the rigours of space, but also a computer with delusions of grandeur


The 300 must prepare for glory

Twelve Monkeys

From the future, a convict is sent back to gather information about a disease that killed most of the human population

Devil's Advocate

Having never lost, Kevin Lomax is given an opportunity to test himself in a prestigious New York law firm

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

A drug-addled journalist and his lawyer get into hijinx

Army of Darkness

Ash is transported to 1300 AD where evil undead are harassing the land

The Evil Dead

A remote cabin in the woods plays host to demonic possession


Can Lone Starr and Barf stop Lord Dark Helmet from stealing Druidia's air supply

Evil Dead II

As if like déjà vu, Ash is stuck in a remote cabin with no means of escape and demonic forces all around


A simple bureaucrat is mistaken for a terrorist when he tries to rectify a clerical error

Blade Runner

Find out if androids dream of electric sheep


From Little Havana rises a powerful and bloody drug cartel

The Royal Tenenbaums

A terminally ill father, with exceedingly fresh breath, brings his estranged family back together

Red Dawn

A group of teenagers repel invading Soviet forces in the prelude to World War III

National Lampoon's Vacation

A cross country trip to a theme park sounds pretty easy. It is not for Clark and family.


Jerry hires two inept stand-up men to kidnap his wife for a ransom

The Boondock Saints

The Saints of Boston are ridding the city of evil through murder. FBI agent Smecker is torn between the law and impressive results

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Two dingbats from noplace America somehow become the catalyst for a forever peaceful future, but if they don't pass history it won't happen

True Romance

Clarence Worley is mistakenly given a case of cocaine, instead of giving it back, he's gonna sell it

Super Troopers

5 Vermont Troopers must try to act seriously in an attempt to save their jobs

Shaun of the Dead

The zombie apocalypse is an unlikely back drop for Shaun to reconcile with his girlfriend

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Robin returns to England to find that people are living in fear of the sadistic Sheriff of Nottingham. A legend is born.


LA journalist, Irwin 'Fletch' Fletcher, uses disguises to get the stories he needs. This time though he has investigated too deep.

The Dark Crystal

A diminutive creature, Jen, must travel a great distance and brave many hardships to restore the Dark Crystal


John Matrix has to single-handedly chew through an entire South American army to save his daughter


Can an exclusive golf course survive a plague of gophers and a cocksure new member?

V for Vendetta

A masked dissident holds London to ransom in a plan to free society from a fascist government.

Raising Arizona

Career criminal, Hi, and his policewoman wife cannot have a baby. Maybe a local family with quintuplets won't miss one.

The Outsiders

Two rival gangs fight for control of the streets. An unintentional escalation in violence sends some members running


A couple, recently deceased, must evict the new owners of their home by any means necessary.


An evil queen, scared of 'the prophecy', orders all female babies with a birthmark to be slain. One escapes to a faraway village, but can they protect her?

Reservoir Dogs

A diamond heist goes wrong when the police are tipped off. Who is the mole?

American History X

A neo-nazi finds his soul in the penitentiary. Now he must convert his intelligent, but misguided, brother.

Dumb and Dumber

2 nitwits drive across country to deliver a case that contained a ransom they were never to get.

Starship Troopers

The interstellar fight between man and bug intensifies after Buenos Aires is wiped off the face of the earth

The Lost Boys

Many people have gone missing in Santa Carla. Maybe the secret lies with its lost boys


An ex tenpin bowling champion tries to find redemption by training an Amish bowler for the world championship