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Inglourious Basterds

A group of Jewish-American soldiers fight from behind enemy lines, their debt is 100 German scalps each.


The lives of different Los Angeles residents crash together with unexpected results


Constantine is going to hell, again.

Bridget Jones's Diary

Bridget takes control of her weight, her love life and her job.

Devil's Advocate

Having never lost, Kevin Lomax is given an opportunity to test himself in a prestigious New York law firm


The police are on the tail of a band of professional bank robbers going for their last big score

The Untouchables

Eliot Ness assembles a hand-picked team to take down Al Capone

Das Boot

Life on board a German U-boat in WW2 is a mixture of dullness, dirt and dread


A simple bureaucrat is mistaken for a terrorist when he tries to rectify a clerical error

Something's Gotta Give

A aged music producer, with a penchant for young ladies, meets his match after a heart attack


A group of mid-twenties friends search for love and the meaning of life in 1990s Seattle

Save the Last Dance

The death of Sara's mother results in a move to a predominately black area leading to racial tension


From Little Havana rises a powerful and bloody drug cartel

Runaway Jury

A court case is manipulated due to a personal vendetta

The Royal Tenenbaums

A terminally ill father, with exceedingly fresh breath, brings his estranged family back together

Red Dawn

A group of teenagers repel invading Soviet forces in the prelude to World War III

New Jack City

Crack has taken the streets, can undercover cop Scotty take them back?

The Mighty Ducks

For drink driving, Gordon is court-ordered to coach a Peewee hockey team. Unfortunately he hates kids, and maybe even hockey

Memphis Belle

The luckiest bomber crew must complete one last sortie deep into Germany to earn a trip home


A mosaic of characters search for love and meaning in the San Fernando Valley

Leaving Las Vegas

Ben Sanderson came to Las Vegas to drink himself to death. It should take about three to four weeks


Jerry hires two inept stand-up men to kidnap his wife for a ransom

The Doors

It takes six years to chart the rise and fall of one of 1960s most influential bands

The Dark Knight

Batman must lock horns with the Joker to ensure the safety of Gotham City

Cruel Intentions

A bet between Sebastian and Kathryn ends in sex or the ownership of a Jaguar

Coyote Ugly

A job in a raunchy bar brings out the performer in this talented songwriter

Cast Away

A turbulent flight turns into years on a deserted island and the making of the man

Big Daddy

Sonny decides to take care of a young kid to impress his girlfriend

As Good as it Gets

OCD affected Melvin has to overcome is social ineptness to try keep his life together

Apocalypse Now

Dangerous alcoholic, Captain Willard is sent to Cambodia to assassinate a renegade colonel

A Beautiful Mind

John Nash is a math prodigy recruited to work for a secretive government agency, but the opposition is closing in

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Gilbert has a obese mother and a disabled brother to look after, then Becky walks into his life

A Walk to Remember

Landon Carter punishment turns into a blessing and a curse

The Virgin Suicides

A group of potential suitors become consumed with five sisters, sheltered by their domineering father


Wyatt Earp is trying to settle down and make money, but a group of outlaws wont let the lawman retire

True Romance

Clarence Worley is mistakenly given a case of cocaine, instead of giving it back, he's gonna sell it


2 married storm chasers on the brink of divorce are thrust together at the whim of the weather


Graham Hess has lost faith in God. Maybe an alien invasion will convince him to turn the other cheek

Shallow Hal

Hal is hyponitised to see heart instead of just handsomeness, and ends up hankering after a hefty hippo


A small time boxer is given a chance at the world heavyweight title. All he wants is to last the distance.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Robin returns to England to find that people are living in fear of the sadistic Sheriff of Nottingham. A legend is born.

The Patriot

Ben was finished with fighting, but the actions of a sadistic British soldier drives him to lead the Colonial Militia

Mrs Doubtfire

An actor disguises himself as an elderly female housekeeper to spend more time with his kids

Million Dollar Baby

She is too old, too poor and doesn't have a trainer. Maybe tenacity is all a boxer needs to get started?

Legends of the Fall

Nature, War, History and a woman conspire to change the lives of the entire Ludlow clan

I am Legend

Robert Neville may be the last uninfected human alive. Can he find a cure?


Juno and Paulie are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. What decisions are these young kids going to make?

Deep Impact

Who is going to survive this impending catastrophic event?

Catch Me If You Can

Follow the career of pilot, doctor, lawyer and con artist, Frank Abagnale Jr.

Bruce Almighty

Bruce gets a chance to play God, to see how much better he can do.

Hummingbird (Redemption)

Joey is a danger to the world and himself unless he stays homeless and inebriated.

American Hustle

Can a con man and his partner extract themselves from an FBI sting with getting on the wrong side of the mob?

The Book Thief

Escaping to a fantasy world for just a few moments amid the horrors of World War 2 is precious

Lilo and Stitch

A genetic experiment escapes to Earth and makes friends with a young girl

Liar Liar

Compulsive fibber and lawyer, Fletcher Reede is rendered unable to lie for 24 hours resulting in a career crisis

Keeping the Faith

A priest, a rabbi and female friend catch up after 16 years apart, but those aren't just friendly feelings the boys are having

Good Will Hunting

A young genius battles the demons of a tough upbringing.

Field of Dreams

An Iowa farmer interprets voices in his head as command to build a baseball diamond in his field of corn

The Departed

A mole in the police department learns of a mole in his boss's gang. A lethal game of cat and mouse ensues


Two Chicago firefighting brothers don't see eye-to-eye on much. They must now work together to foil an arsonist