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The decisive battle of the American Civil War


A Jewish prince returns from slavery for revenge

American Sniper

Navy SEAL Chris saves the lives of his comrades with his accuracy, but 4 tours begin to take their toll

Empire of the Sun

A young British boy struggles for survival under the Japanese occupation during World War II

Flags of our Fathers

The story of the men who raised the flag in the iconic picture during the Battle of Iwo Jima


The true story of some fighting brothers and their fight to save themselves and over 1,000 non-combative Jews


This is the story of the first all-black volunteer regiment of the US civil war

Casualties of War

Five American soldiers kidnap a young Vietnamese girl for 'entertainment' whilst out on patrol

The Last King of Scotland

The tale of the rapid rise of a Scottish physician during the brutal regime of Idi Amin, and his efforts to escape the erratic dictator

Gangs of New York

Revenge fills the heart of Amsterdam Vallon, and he will have his satisfaction at the Five Points

Robin Hood

Robin makes it back from the wars with France to a depressed England on the verge of invasion

Saving Mr. Banks

Watch the fight between P.L. Travers and Walt Disney during the adaptation of Mary Poppins


Wyatt Earp is trying to settle down and make money, but a group of outlaws wont let the lawman retire

Enemy at the Gates

A young man serves as a beacon of hope in the desperate battle for Stalingrad

The Last of the Mohicans

The very last of the Mohicans fight to save two women from the clutches of a vengeful warrior

12 Years a Slave

Violin virtuoso Solomon Northrop, a free man in pre-civil war United States, is sold into slavery for 12 years after a short circus tour


The murder of Wallace's wife by the English gives birth to a leader that enflames Scottish pride and returns independence to a proud country

Black Hawk Down

Two Black Hawk helicopters are shot down over Mogadishu and a fierce firefight occurs. Based on a true story