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The Evil Dead

A remote cabin in the woods plays host to demonic possession

Evil Dead II

As if like déjà vu, Ash is stuck in a remote cabin with no means of escape and demonic forces all around

Shaun of the Dead

The zombie apocalypse is an unlikely back drop for Shaun to reconcile with his girlfriend


A masked serial killer is on the loose and these kids must draw on skills learned watching horror movies to survive

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Four friends kill a man and cover it up. The next summer they begin to be terrorised by a hook wielding madman

28 Days Later

Bicycle Courier Jim wakes up in a hospital ward, naked and alone. After being attacked by a priest he learns he has missed a great cataclysm


When you are offered a present with three rules not to be broken, don't accept it!

The Lost Boys

Many people have gone missing in Santa Carla. Maybe the secret lies with its lost boys

Resident Evil

A virus unleashed in an underground bunker turns those infected into zombies. A crack team must infiltrate the bunker to prevent further spread

Interview with the Vampire

In a drunken stupor Louis, a plantation owner, is taken by a vampire and given the choice whether to live or die


After surviving in deep space for 57 years Ripley is cast among the aliens to do battle once again on planet LV-426