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As Good as it Gets

OCD affected Melvin has to overcome is social ineptness to try keep his life together

Along Came Polly

Reuben's wife cheats on him on their honeymoon with the scuba instructor. Then along came Polly, the exact opposite of him

The Wedding Singer

Robbie is a happy go lucky wedding singer, that is until his wife to be leaves him at the alter.

Wedding Crashers

John and Jeremy's hobby is womanising, but when John meets Claire their friendship is tested

A Walk to Remember

Landon Carter punishment turns into a blessing and a curse

The Virgin Suicides

A group of potential suitors become consumed with five sisters, sheltered by their domineering father


Wyatt Earp is trying to settle down and make money, but a group of outlaws wont let the lawman retire

True Romance

Clarence Worley is mistakenly given a case of cocaine, instead of giving it back, he's gonna sell it

13 Going on 30

A 13-year-old girl wakes up one morning in a 30-year-old's body. Is this what she really prayed for?

Sweet Home Alabama

A young southern gal living in New York has to return home to Alabama to force her husband to divorce her

Stand by Me

Four boys embark on a journey to find the body of a missing kid

Sixteen Candles

All Samantha wants is a sweet sixteen, instead she gets mayhem and embarrassment

Shallow Hal

Hal is hyponitised to see heart instead of just handsomeness, and ends up hankering after a hefty hippo

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Robin returns to England to find that people are living in fear of the sadistic Sheriff of Nottingham. A legend is born.

Meet the Parents

Gaylord Focker must get past his fiancee's ex CIA father to marry the woman he loves

Legends of the Fall

Nature, War, History and a woman conspire to change the lives of the entire Ludlow clan

Legally Blonde

Can Elle Woods become a lawyer? Not wearing those shoes she can't.


Juno and Paulie are faced with an unplanned pregnancy. What decisions are these young kids going to make?

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Ben's convinced he can make a woman fall for him, Andie is writing an article about losing a guy in 10 days. It's not the most ideal coupling!

The Little Mermaid

Ariel wants nothing more than to join the human world. Should she give her voice to a Sea Witch in return for legs, for a chance at love?

Keeping the Faith

A priest, a rabbi and female friend catch up after 16 years apart, but those aren't just friendly feelings the boys are having

50 First Dates

A car accident leaves a young art teacher with a memory like a sieve. WIll she be able to remember Henry?

When Harry Met Sally

Harry and Sally can't be friends because one is male and the other female. That's what Harry thinks anyway

10 Things I Hate About You

An overbearing father makes Cameron hatch a plan to allow him to date his beautiful daughter.

Reality Bites

An eloquent college graduate gets her documentary about her friends aired, but the charm is lost by an overbearing producer

Pretty Woman

Corporate hitman searching for beautiful prostitute for 1 week's girlfriend experience. $3000 ono


Can the killer of Sam Wheat be brought to justice with the help of a psychic con artist?

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Senior year in high school is no picnic for the students of Ridgemont High

Dances with Wolves

John Dunbar mans a remote western frontier outpost. Saving an Indian woman from suicide starts to break barriers with his Sioux neighbours


Josh only has one wish, to be big. A mystical arcade machine grants his wish, leading to some unwanted consequences


An evil queen, scared of 'the prophecy', orders all female babies with a birthmark to be slain. One escapes to a faraway village, but can they protect her?

Monster's Ball

The remnants of two families torn apart by racism and Lawrence Musgrove find mutual comfort in their losses

Love Actually

Eight couples try to retain a love life in the months leading up to Christmas

King Kong

The love story between a primate, an actress and a writer.

Joe Dirt

Described as the underachievement nexus of the universe, can Joe Dirt overcome the poor start to his life?

Chasing Amy

One man's obsession with a lesbian leads to a broken friendship and the end of a comic book partnership

Bend it Like Beckham

Two girls from different cultures must survive the love of the game, and the same man

You've Got Mail

Two strangers start a relationship online, little do they know that their businesses are in direct competition.

Weird Science

2 nerds design a fantasy woman using magazine cutouts, a Barbie and the processing power of the hacked US Air Force computer system

Runaway Bride

Maggie has left three men at the alter. Maybe the fourth will be 'the one'

The Princess Diaries

Mia is clumsy and not well liked. Maybe being the crowned Princess of Genovia will help her social problems


Joanna, rich and bored, hires Dean, down and out, to work on her yacht. A monetary disagreement results in a 'heart warming kidnapping'

Notting Hill

Bookstore owner, WIlliam Thacker, meets Hollywood star, Anna Scott in his shop. A juice spillage leads to a chaste kiss and an unlikely union


Buddy is not an elf with gigantism, he is human. Now he must leave the North Pole to find his parents

Days of Thunder

Cole Trickle quickly becomes the hottest NASCAR driver, but a crash with his arch rival teaches him how to be humble.

Corpse Bride

A forgetful young man trying to learn his wedding vows inadvertently proposes to a 'stiff'

Never Been Kissed

Serial geek has another chance at high school, but initial indications are that Josie Grossie is set to return

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Husband and wife get a shock when they both turn out to be assassins on course to terminate each other

The Last of the Mohicans

The very last of the Mohicans fight to save two women from the clutches of a vengeful warrior

A Knight's Tale

Peasant Will takes on the name of a nobleman and competes in jousting tournaments. Now in love, he has no money to put where his mouth is

Jerry Maguire

A sports agent finds a conscience in the bottom of a bad noodle box. His realisation loses him his job, but he gains much more than that

Dirty Dancing

Baby Houseman has to grow up quickly on a family holiday in the Catskills where she meets dance instructor, Johnny

The Princess Bride

All Buttercup wants to do is marry Westley, but he's dead. Betrothed to a prince, she's kidnapped and then saved by her lover's killer


Love blossoms on the high seas, only for the worst maritime disaster in history to tear them apart

The Notebook

Dementia has taken away all Allie's memories. Now her Notebook must be read to her to remind her of love and loss.

Interview with the Vampire

In a drunken stupor Louis, a plantation owner, is taken by a vampire and given the choice whether to live or die

Groundhog Day

Every morning Phil wakes up it’s February 2nd, Groundhog Day, no matter what he does. Phil now must find a way to end this cycle

Forrest Gump

Naïve simpleton Forrest Gump traverses and shapes many of the world’s famous people and historical events


Bartender Brian and mixologist Doug fall out over a bet. Years later they meet in Jamaica; one's snared a rich chick, the other's still making martinis

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor follows the story of two pilots involved in the 1941 attack and their quest for life, love, friendship and glory.