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Frank Dux travels to Hong Kong to fight in the lethal Kumite

The Waterboy

Bobby has a hidden ability, the one to kick some major ass. Bobby Boucher shows no mercy

The Hurricane

The story of an imprisoned boxer and the people who helped him get released

The Karate Kid, Part III

John Kreese returns from the dead to try an avenge his losses, with the help of an old Vietnam war buddy

The Karate Kid, Part II

Daniel follows Mr Miyagi to his home village when his father becomes terminally ill. In the village lives Miyagi's bitter rival

Over the Top

Lincoln Hawks is going to bet it all on getting his son back and winning the world armwrestling championship

Back to School

Thornton Melon, millionaire businessman, returns to school in an attempt to help his son through college

Rocky II

Embarrassed from their last bout, Apollo Creed sets about bringing Rocky out of retirement

The Mighty Ducks

For drink driving, Gordon is court-ordered to coach a Peewee hockey team. Unfortunately he hates kids, and maybe even hockey


A small time boxer is given a chance at the world heavyweight title. All he wants is to last the distance.

Million Dollar Baby

She is too old, too poor and doesn't have a trainer. Maybe tenacity is all a boxer needs to get started?

Major League

Can this team of baseball's worst players band together to make a winning team to spite the new owner?

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

To save Peter's gym a team of members enter a dodgeball tournament on the off-chance of winning the cash prize

Field of Dreams

An Iowa farmer interprets voices in his head as command to build a baseball diamond in his field of corn

Cool Runnings

Jamaica fields a bobsled team of ex sprinters in the Winter Olympics. Will never having seen snow before be an impediment to qualification?


Can an exclusive golf course survive a plague of gophers and a cocksure new member?

The Replacements

The strike of players from the Sentinels brings a group of has beens and almost was' to guide the team to victory

A League of Their Own

The Second World War is taking its toll on the nations sports institutions. Can a baseball league with women players fill the gap?

Bend it Like Beckham

Two girls from different cultures must survive the love of the game, and the same man


An ex tenpin bowling champion tries to find redemption by training an Amish bowler for the world championship

Happy Gilmore

The world's worst ice skater gives up the dream to play hockey for a shot at golf

Days of Thunder

Cole Trickle quickly becomes the hottest NASCAR driver, but a crash with his arch rival teaches him how to be humble.


Two friends, sick of the commercial side of sport, invent a backyard game whose rules prevent profit

Jerry Maguire

A sports agent finds a conscience in the bottom of a bad noodle box. His realisation loses him his job, but he gains much more than that

Remember the Titans

2 races, 2 teams and 2 coaches must learn to work together and realise that integration could mean synergy.