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Adventures in Babysitting

A frantic night is ahead for Chris Parker

Con Air

Cameron Poe gets more than he bargained for an a flight home from prison

Dawn of the Dead

A Midwestern shopping mall hosts some survivors of a zombie apocalypse


A young office worker steals $40,000 to start a new life, stopping at Bates motel on the way


A rough bar hires a tough bouncer to kick some ass

Blue Velvet

A grissly find in a field leads to the investigation of a beautiful nightclub owner

Taken 3

Bryan Mill's retirement continues to be a tough one

American Sniper

Navy SEAL Chris saves the lives of his comrades with his accuracy, but 4 tours begin to take their toll

Kingsman: The Secret Service

An unlikely recruit to the organisation shows promise


A robot is reprogrammed to think and feel for himself

Run All Night

It's not easy for a hitman to trust

Christopher Nolan Movies 1

Can you recognise the Nolan movie from these scenes?

Christmas Movies 2

Can you recognise this Christmas movie?

Christmas Movies 1

Can you recognise this Christmas movie?

80s Movies 10

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (near impossible)

80s Movies 9

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (difficult)

80s Movies 8

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (difficult)

80s Movies 7

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (difficult)

80s Movies 6

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (tough)

80s Movies 5

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (tough)

80s Movies 4

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (tough)

80s Movies 3

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (easy)

80s Movies 2

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (easy)

80s Movies 1

Can you recognise these 80s movies? (easy)

007 James Bond Cars 1

Which movie is this Bond car from?

007 James Bond Girls 2

Match the Bond Girl to the movie

007 James Bond Girls 1

Match the Bond Girl to the movie

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Wolverine is sent into the past to prevent a war

Alien 3

Ripley, again, has to fight against the creature that has shaped her life and killed her friends

The Warriors

A bid to take over the streets ends in murder and a gang wrongly accused

Friday the 13th: Part II

Did Jason drown in the lake all those years ago?


Six guests must cooperate to solve a murder mystery in their very midst

Ghostbusters II

The boys are back after the discovery of a large river of ectoplasm


The police chief, a marine scientist and a grizzly old fisherman set out to stop a gigantic great white that is terrorising a small beach community


A two film feature brought together to act like a double feature in the movie theatres

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Five young adults are terrorised by a chainsaw-weilding maniac and his strange family

James Bond: From Russia With Love

James is searching for a Soviet encryption device that has been stolen by SPECTRE

James Bond: Dr. No

The first outing for the super suave government agent, James Bond

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

An elite military unit is charged with bringing an evil arms dealer to justice

Get Carter

Jack goes home to investigate the troubling death of his brother

Exit Wounds

Orin Boyd is the sent to a troubled precinct where he uncovers corruption at the highest level


An elite group is sent to investigate disturbing events on Mars

District 9

Wikus Van De Merwe is in charge of evicting the alien population from District 9, however his exposure to an alien chemical changes more than his mind

Die Hard 4.0 (Live Free or Die Hard)

McClane is back, and has to babysit a genius programmer and foil a cyber-terrorist

James Bond: Die Another Day

James investigates some North Korean terrorists who are funding a space weapon


The true story of some fighting brothers and their fight to save themselves and over 1,000 non-combative Jews

Blood Diamond

Danny's focus on getting a precious diamond out of Africa results in saving Solomon Vandy's family

Behind Enemy Lines

After being shot down, behind enemy lines, Chris must avoid death squads sent after him with the express purpose of termination

Angels & Demons

A symbologist and scientist are pitted against an illuminati assassin who is murdering preferential cardinals

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

Ryback is back, foiling schemes and taking names

Under Siege

Casey Ryback is a former Navy SEAL in the right place, at the right time

James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies

James is pitted against a delusional media mogul with murderous intentions

James Bond: The World is Not Enough

Bond is called upon again to foil a nuclear plot and protect an oil baroness that is suffering from Helsinki syndrome

The Saint

Simon Templar is a gifted thief with a painful past. Falling for a mark was not part of his plan

The Jackal

The FBI release an IRA sniper to help track down an assassin carrying out a Russian's vengeful plot

So I Married an Axe Murderer

Charlie, the commitment-phobe, has finally found the girl of his dreams, but she may also be a psychopathic murderer


There are not many things Porter wouldn't do to get his money back

Murder at 1600

Regis is sent into the White House to investigate a murder, however the secret service will not release all the evidence