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Devil's Advocate

Having never lost, Kevin Lomax is given an opportunity to test himself in a prestigious New York law firm


The police are on the tail of a band of professional bank robbers going for their last big score

James Bond: GoldenEye

James must team up with the enemy to fight an enemy from within

The Untouchables

Eliot Ness assembles a hand-picked team to take down Al Capone

James Bond: Octopussy

James has to foil a plot to blow up a nuclear device at an American military base, starting WWIII

Blade Runner

Find out if androids dream of electric sheep

Runaway Jury

A court case is manipulated due to a personal vendetta

The River Wild

Can Gail, teacher and rafting expert, save her family from a pair of armed and dangerous men?

Phone Booth

A vigilante with a sniper rifle is out to teach Stuart Shepard a lesson

New Jack City

Crack has taken the streets, can undercover cop Scotty take them back?


Jerry hires two inept stand-up men to kidnap his wife for a ransom

The Dark Knight

Batman must lock horns with the Joker to ensure the safety of Gotham City

The Boondock Saints

The Saints of Boston are ridding the city of evil through murder. FBI agent Smecker is torn between the law and impressive results

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

John Connor continues his quest to stay alive, and one step ahead of a relentless killing machine out for him and his future wife

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Another attempt is made on John Connors' life, this time by a more advanced cyborg

True Romance

Clarence Worley is mistakenly given a case of cocaine, instead of giving it back, he's gonna sell it


2 married storm chasers on the brink of divorce are thrust together at the whim of the weather

Tango and Cash

2 of LA's top cops are framed and must now swallow their ego and work together


Graham Hess has lost faith in God. Maybe an alien invasion will convince him to turn the other cheek

The Rock

Can a chemist and an aged ex convict lead a strike against a trained military force on Alcatraz?

Lethal Weapon 2

Riggs and Muraugh attempt to make a conviction stick to South African diplomats hiding behind diplomatic immunity

I am Legend

Robert Neville may be the last uninfected human alive. Can he find a cure?

Gone in Sixty Seconds

All Memphis Raines has to do is steal 50 cars in one night to save his brother. Too easy!

Deep Impact

Who is going to survive this impending catastrophic event?


A giant asteroid is going to wipe out the human race, unless a team of deep core drillers can save the planet

Hummingbird (Redemption)

Joey is a danger to the world and himself unless he stays homeless and inebriated.

Escape Plan

Can an escape expert find his way out of the 'inescapeable' prison?

I, Robot

Del Spooner must put aside his hatred for robots in order to investigate the death of his friend

The Departed

A mole in the police department learns of a mole in his boss's gang. A lethal game of cat and mouse ensues


John Matrix has to single-handedly chew through an entire South American army to save his daughter


Two Chicago firefighting brothers don't see eye-to-eye on much. They must now work together to foil an arsonist


An extreme athlete is employed to infiltrate a Russian gang in the attempt to find the whereabouts of a biological weapon

V for Vendetta

A masked dissident holds London to ransom in a plan to free society from a fascist government.


A vicious French drug lord offers $100 million dollars for springing him from custody. Only SWAT is left to stop the elaborate attempts

National Treasure

Ben Gates is from a long line of treasure hunters. Can a clue from his grandfather really lead him to the 'National Treasure?'

Kill Bill: Vol. 2

The Bride continues her quest for revenge against Bill and the other assassins who betrayed her

Jurassic Park

The science of genetic manipulation bore Jurassic Park. A storm and security glitch almost brings the new venture to its knees

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Four friends kill a man and cover it up. The next summer they begin to be terrorised by a hook wielding madman


Can the killer of Sam Wheat be brought to justice with the help of a psychic con artist?

Enemy at the Gates

A young man serves as a beacon of hope in the desperate battle for Stalingrad

Young Guns

Billy the Kid leads a gang of misfits in an attempt to extract deadly justice for the death of their boss and friend

28 Days Later

Bicycle Courier Jim wakes up in a hospital ward, naked and alone. After being attacked by a priest he learns he has missed a great cataclysm

The Sixth Sense

A young child with a special gift helps the dead in the afterlife

Reservoir Dogs

A diamond heist goes wrong when the police are tipped off. Who is the mole?


Containment of a mutated contagion may lead to the incineration of many innocents


Is it possible to implant a thought against someone's will? Traversing 3 levels of consciousness may do it, or it may not.

The Hunt for Red October

The USSR's finest nuclear submarine goes missing on the way to an exercise. Was it engaged and sunk, or is the Captain defecting?


Experimental surgery transplants the face of a criminal onto a police officer in an attempt to find the location of a bomb.

The Usual Suspects

Attendants to a five-man lineup form a group in the wake of hearing Keyser Söze wants a favour.


Two kids release a man who was stuck in board game for years. Now they must finish the game or bad things will happen


The story of Henry Hill and his meteoric rise in the mob

A Few Good Men

A lawyer with a history of plea bargaining arrives at GitMo to investigate a murdered Marine. Something is not right though

True Lies

Devoted husband, father and computer salesman must stop a nuclear threat from an international terrorist

Passenger 57

John Cutter, security specialist, has his work cut out when his aircraft is hijacked by one of the worst criminals the world has ever seen


The Decepticons are looking for a piece of technology to help them win the war against the Autobots. The Allspark has been hidden on Earth

Now You See Me

4 magicians rob a bank while live on stage in front of a massive audience. FBI's Dylan Rhodes is tasked to investigate this bizarre case.

Terminator Salvation

John Connor must trust a machine to help him rescue his own father, who is younger than him.

Closed Circuit

A bomb decimates a London market. In this high profile case can this elaborate plan really be the work of a heroin-addicted militant?

Broken City

A disgraced ex cop is trying to find out who the Mayor's wife is sleeping with, but all is not as it seems.

Captain Phillips

Ruthless pirates attack an unarmed freighter in Somali waters and the ship's Captain is taken hostage. Based on a true story