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2 Guns

CIA money is stolen from a bank, now everyone is after the perpetrators: an honest cop and a Navy veteran

The Abyss

Navy SEALs & an underwater drilling team join forces to salvage a nuclear sub but a visit from non-terrestrial intelligence has devastating consequences

Die Hard

NYPD cop John McClane is invited to his wife's work's Christmas Party when the building is taken over by a ruthless terrorist


Dr. Lector has laid low for 10 years, but is found in Florence. Now he's coming out of retirement to settle scores and save an 'old friend'

The Silence of the Lambs

Hannibal Lector is the last person you want as a guest on a cooking show. Clarice Starling must gain his trust to help capture another serial killer

Pitch Black

After crash landing on an ‘uninhabited’, uncharted world the survivors look to a homicidal maniac to save them from an alien race


Two grisly murders lead Detectives Somerset and Mills to conclude another five murders will complete the seven deadly sins

James Bond: Casino Royale

Bond gets his 00 licence to kill and his first assignment leads him to a high-stakes poker game that may cost him more than his life.

Sin City

4 interwoven tales of crime and corruption set in grimy Basin City

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

A huge poker loss to a London gangster triggers a manic plan by four friends to repay the debt

Pulp Fiction

3 seemingly unrelated stories merge as one as the lives of 2 hitmen, a boxer who takes a dive, and 2 diner robbers come together

Point Break

Set when surfing didn't mean using the computer, Keanu Reeves infiltrates Patrick Swayze's criminal gang in the waves

Lethal Weapon

Veteran cop, Murtaugh, isn't looking for trouble but discovers a drug smuggling gang. It's up to new partner Riggs to help him bust it